• autoconf 2.63 or later
  • hwloc 1.3 or later


See Download section to know how to get back the last version of TreeMatch. Then follow these instructions :

$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

Do only for svn download.


There is two ways to use our TreeMatch algorithm. The first way allow to calculate a process placement while using the binary file mapping. This binary need two at least two parameters : a communication matrix and a representation of the hardware topology (XML or tleaf file). Here is the usage of mapping :

mapping -t|x <Architecture file[tgt|xml]> -c <Communication pattern file> [-b <binding constraint file>] [-d disable topology optimization] [-v verbose_level] [-m evaluation metric (1: SUM_COM (default), 2: MAX_COM, 3: HOP_BYTE)] [-o oversubscribing factor] [-e force exhaustive search] [-p maximum number of threads used in parallel sections (default : number of cores)] [-g force greedy k-partionniong] [-n force physical numbering (usefull only for XML/hwloc)] [-h display this help]

The second way allow you to use our API from libtreematch directly in your code.

Detailed documentation is here